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228 thoughts on “This Is The Place…

  1. I only have one question this time. Was Kicback frozen in stasis as well along with all the other Decepticons on Decepticon Island? Or was he still at large when Decepticon Island went down and is currently roaming around free?

      • Dear mr Adam Beechen, so are there still many Decepticon on the loose in planet Earth. By the way those in Cybertron, why didn.t they mount a coup against the Autobot ? Is it True the Council are brainwash by the Cons to blame Optimus ?

  2. 1. How was Springload back on Earth in Sphere of Influence?
    2. Was Simacore affiliated with Decepticon Island since he was looking for a device that could run a spaceship?
    3. Will we ever see Dropforge or more Primes?
    4. Was Razorpaw from Decepticon Island since he didn’t have an entry in the Alchemor Prisoner Database?
    5. Are Stormshot, Skysledge, and Stormhammer Aerialbots and will we see more of them?
    6. Will we see more Optimus Prime or will he just have a minor role?
    7. When Starscream said he killed the Predacons, we only Saw Darksteel and Skylynx, and the comic series showed us that Predaking is still alive, is this true?
    8. Speaking of the comics, are they and the Chapter Books canon?
    9. How’s Russel’s relationship with his mom? Will we ever see her?
    10. Will we see more of Russel’s friends?
    11. How come Optimus’ upgrade went away after he left Earth.
    12. Who would you consider the most powerful of the Decepticons so far and why?
    13. If Megatron was stated to have ripped out Bee’s voice box and Bee wants revenge on him for this, why does the attacker’s identity and the target of Bee’s vengeance switch to Overload?
    14. What do you think of RID’s toyline and do you own any figures?
    15. Was the majority of the Alchemor’s prisoner count on Decepticon Island because there sure were a lot of Cons there and the Autobots managed to recapture all of the prisoners within a seeming 2-3 month radius?
    I know this is is a lot and I’m sorry if I overwhelm you but thank you for making one of the best TF shows this long time fan has ever seen.

    • 1. He never left. He had escaped earlier.
      2. No.
      3. I don’t give out spoilers.
      4. Unknown.
      5. I don’t give out spoilers.
      6. I suppose it depends on your definition of “minor.”
      7. Our show doesn’t have any connection to the comics.
      8. See above.
      9. They have a very good relationship. No, we won’t see her.
      10. Not really. We try to keep our show pretty much about the Bee Team.
      11. I don’t really have an answer for this and would just be making something up.
      12. Quillfire, because we don’t know the full range of effects his quills might have. I just made that up.
      13. Bee’s beef with Overlord is something separate from his beef with Megatron.
      14. I think they’re great, and I have small figures of our main cast.
      15. The bulk of the Alchemor’s prisoners were in the section of the ship that became known as Decepticon Island.

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the show!

  3. Hello, Mr. Beechen, how are you today? Hopefully good.

    Anyways, I just have two small questions.

    1. I’ve read the synopsis for “Exiles” and it says Steeljaw is back. I know you don’t give spoilers, but I just wanna clue to make it easier for me to determine who could of done it; Was it a divine force or just a normal person/bot?

    2.(This is a question is from my younger sibling) Do you think Strongarm and Sideswipe have the potential to be a couple?

    Thank you for giving me your time.

  4. Not asking for any spoilers, but why are you not allowed to give them out? Is it about your contract or do just not want to ruin it for the fans?

    • I don’t want to ruin anything for the fans. Also, some episodes are available in some parts of the world before others, so there are things it’s not fair to talk about until everyone has had the chance to see them.

      • So once episode 17 has been broadcasted across the rest of the countries that play RID we’ll be given information about episode 18 and beyond that? Do you know when that will be?

  5. Hey just want to ask, Is Soundwave still loyal to Megatron right ? And he will have his revenge on Bee for what he done to his boss ? By the way Skylynx and Dark Steel aren’t death right, they arent killed that easly, And is Soundwave gather his own troops of Decepticon against Bee and Optimus or will he join Steeljaw pack ? Sorry to Many question.

      • 1. So this mean Soundwave gonna gather his own troops for revenge against Beeboy and his team, right ? So whats his plan with the weapon he stole fromm Bee team, is he gonna change it into Autobor Hunter weapon ?
        2. Anychance we will see Insecticon n Vehicon among either Soundwave or Steel Jaws army of COns ? sorry so many question, sir?

      • I Understand you not gonna tell, oh yes you said there be a season 4 last time in the news, why suddenly change your mind the show will finish in this season 3 ?

      • Internally, we treated the Starscream arc as Season 3, and the episodes that followed as Season 4. Hasbro decided to consider the Starscream arc as part of season 2, and the episodes that followed as season 3.

      • Thanks for the info, by the way sorry is there any chance for Tarn and his Decepticon Black Ops crew the DJD will shown up in future episode, or perhaps in the new Transformers series ?

  6. I’ve seen episode and specials of Autobots turn bad. Whether they are bounty hunter or a lowly thief on a run, it makes my wonder if there are Decepticons who were Autobots. There so many questions that boggle my mind.
    1. Were there any Autobots arrested and deemed them as decepticons by the council or authorities who caught them?
    2. Was Steeljaw a soldier during the Civil War?
    3. An aligned question: Grimlock was an Autobot in the continuity, WAS Grimlock a Decepticon in this show?

  7. 1. Yes, No, or Maybe question: will we see Steeljaw more until the finale?
    2. Sorry I wasn’t clear on what I meant about Grimlock, I meant to ask was Grimlock a Decepticon before he became an Autobot when joined Bee’s team?
    3. Is there any chance we will be seeing Megatron again?

    • 1. Thanks for generously giving me three possible answers. I don’t give out Spoilers.
      2. I think Grimlock was labeled a Decepticon, but never thought of himself as one.
      3. I don’t give out spoilers.

  8. Hi Mr.Beechen,hope you’re having a good day.I have some questions about RID.

    1)Clawtrap mentioned he got his ship from his mother.Are there more Scavengers?

    2)Where has Russel been?

    3)Are more Crash Combiners going to show up?

    4)Is Skywarp going to be an RID character,or is he another toy only one?


    • Mothership means a ship belonging to the higher ups of a group. But I was also curious about seeing more Scavengers.

      • So what mothership were they referring to?
        Also, can you name which of the Combiner Force toys will definitely not appear?
        Great Byte

  9. What happened to the elite guard after the war? And if it wasn’t destroyed during the war would Smokescreen and Ultra Magnus (hypothetically speaking in your opinion) still be apart of it?

  10. 1. Are you going to create any more original characters for combiner force or is it all past character from G1, G1, RID 2001, ….etc.?
    2. In the finale of the ‘mini series’ Optimus says to Bumblebee “I am with some old friends” this seems like it would be an obvious answer to the question fans continue to ask “is team prime coming back?”
    3. Do you have any spoilers you could give to us now?
    4. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

    • 1. I don’t give out spoilers.
      2. I don’t give out spoilers.
      3. I have many spoilers I could give you now, but I don’t give out spoilers.
      4. Chocolate.

  11. Dear adam beechen,
    I was hoping that arcee and bumblebee were just great friends like siblings. Since arcee is older than bumblebee and bumblebee is younger than arcee. They look up to each other as siblings and friends. Can you make them as siblings again, please ?
    Jennifer Martinez

    • Dear Mr. Beechen,
      I was still hoping arcee and bumblebee were still friends because I could tell that arcee is older than bumblebee and bumblebee is younger than arcee. Can they still be friends like siblings ?

  12. 1. Shall we see Bruticus and Galvatronus in the future?

    2. Did Menasor escape from Autobots in season 3 episode 15?

    3. Shall we see such combiners as: Optimus Maximus, Victorion, Defencor, Computron, Bruticus Maximus, Abominus, Predicus (Predaking in G1)?

    4. Shall we see such characters as: Windblade, Bludgeon, Termidor, Skywarp, Thundercracker, Stormshot, Srormhummer and Skysledge

    5. Why there is so many animation errors?

  13. Many known Decepticons have beast characteristic in robot mode in season 1 & 2.
    1. Do all Cybertronian have beast like robot mode or is it just the Decepticons?
    2. How did they acquired it?
    3. Will we be able to learn how they acquired it this season?
    4. Or is it just an inspiration to the Transformers RID 2001?

  14. Just one question this time. If Megatron were to come back, would he use this design or a different design?

    This design was used for the Tiny Titan’s RID line. Unlike other characters, this design is a new design for Megatron, so I have to ask if this could be RID Megatron’s design.

  15. Hello,Mr.Beechen.This is regarding The Adventures of Chuck and Friends.
    In the episode Pothole,the bulldozer’s name sounds like Raliegh or Rally.
    But in Chuck’s Perfect Plan,he calls his older brother one of those names?So who’s who?


    (And RID and that show are such great cartoons,thx.)

  16. Mr. Beechen have you ever heard of Transformers Prime: Powerful Alliance movie? It’s supposed to be the sequel to Predacons Rising (but it’s suggested to be fake.)

  17. Finally gathered enough questions for a post.

    1. If Bumblebee offered Kickbck to join his team, would Kickback take the offer. Kickback seems to have no evil intent, so would he take the deal?

    2. Does Paralon have a retractable visor? In Mini-Con Madness, he has eyes for some reason so…

    3. Is Optimus’ new team called the “Prime Force”?

    4. Is Micronus a Buzzsaw Mini-Con? Would he transform into the same disc alt-mode that Jetstorm and Slipstream do?

    5. What happens to all the ships of the prisoners? Like Starscream’s or Shadow Raker’s?

    6. What happened to all the prisoners Team Bee captured before the episode “Moon Breaker”? Were they transported to Cybertron with Optimus and Drift? Or did they just take the Stunticons with them?

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