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  1. Dear Mr. Adam Beechen I have a question for you: Are you planning to develop the episode “The Perils Of Bumblebee” for “Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015” Season 3 this Fall? Thanks! From Stephanie Foraci

    • No, Stephanie. Legally, we can not take suggestions from fans and turn them into episodes. Unfortunately, “The Perils of Bumblebee” will not be developed for “Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015” for Season 3 this fall or for any other future season.

      • Okay, I understand, in that case, I have another question for you: Are you planning to develop “Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015” Season 4, right after both Season 3, and the movie?

      • Okay, I understand. Also, I have another question for you: Are you planning to develop “Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015” Season 4, right after both Season 3, and the movie?

      • I have a comic suggestion for you: Could you please develop another “Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015” comic that has the two episodes from “Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015” Season 2 episodes “Misdirection” and “Bumblebee’s Night Off”? Thanks! From Stephanie Foraci

  2. Stephanie, I’m not allowed to answer any questions about whether or not there will be more seasons of “Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015.” And we will not develop another “Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015″comic that has the two episodes from “Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015” Season 2 episodes “Misdirection” and “Bumblebee’s Night Off” because legally we are not allowed to take suggestions from our fans.

  3. I am not going to be able to give you any answers to any of your questions about what characters or actors will or won’t appear on “Transformers Robots In Disguise 2015,” or what stories we will or won’t do.

  4. Hi Adam! I have a few questions about your early early start in comics and animation writing… I’ve scanned your blog but I guess I’d really appreciate some in-depth answers as to exactly how and when and who helped you break into the industry. So: how did you get your start?

    • Hi Caroline: Nice to hear from you. I went to graduate school in film and earned a screenwriting degree. That process gave me a backgrounding in the basic principles of screenwriting and taught me how to study a script. My final year of school I was on fellowship, and dedicated myself to writing solid samples prior to moving to Los Angeles, and to finding an agent. My goal was to break in to prime time drama. I was lucky enough to find an agent before I moved, and when I relocated to LA, she was able to get me meetings primarily with animation companies, which were more willing to meet with new talent than live action production companies and studios. At the same time, I was connecting with the alumni network of my university, and two producers who had been alums took a chance on me and hired me as a writer’s assistant for their prime time show. When they left the show to create another, they recommended to the executive producers that I take their place in the writer’s room as a staff writer. It was an incredibly kind and generous gesture, as well as a big chance taken by them on me, and I’m embarrassed to admit I wasn’t ready. When our show was cancelled and the executive producers moved on to their next project, they didn’t hire me because I hadn’t contributed enough during my time as a staff writer (we’re still friends, and I’m forever in their debt for giving me the opportunity and for teaching me so much – including what to do better). I was without writing gigs for the next year and a half, making my living as a script reader for production companies, and was considering leaving LA when I was contacted by one of the animation studios with whom I’d met when I first moved to town. My samples had been floating around their offices in the intervening months, and an executive there who believed in me sent them to a story editor for one of their new shows. He read my work and offered me a freelance script for his show – The Wild Thornberrys. I wrote the script, and things went well enough that he hired me for his staff. When he left the show, other writers came in who were happy to work with me, but ultimately wanted to work with writers of their own choosing, which was understandable, and my contract wasn’t renewed. Fortunately, the executive who first championed me to the animation studio recommended me to new agents, and some other kind folks did the same. Those agents took me on (I’m still with them many years later), and helped me land an assignment on Jackie Chan Adventures. Everything that’s happened since has come from those experiences. I’ve tried hard to learn lessons from the many mistakes I’ve made along the way, and keep them in mind no matter what job I’m working on, at what level. The most important of which are – serve the show (not your own ego), and be easy to work with. Beyond that, I advise new writers to control the things they can control (writing to the absolute best of your ability every time out, meeting deadlines, matching a show’s voice and format, etc), and let the rest work itself out, because at the end of the day, that’s all you CAN do.

      Hope that helps!

      Good luck,

      • This is exactly what I needed to know, thanks so much for being as detailed as you were!

    • oh and one more thing im going develop to you who can play skyjack and cyberwarp but i’ll have to wait to and see sir because im make decision for i’ll find out for my list

      • im sorry mr beechen im afraid that i can’t able to tell you who play skyjack and cyberwarp and i can’t tell you so im afraid you figure it out on your own sir can’t help im sorry

  5. Hello Adam. Do you think you can provide a name for the Airachnid lookalike from Season 2 Episode 3 and for the Razorpaw pre-model from Season 1 Episode 23? If they don’t have official names can you give your idea of names for them? I’m interested to know more about them.

      • I’m referencing the girl who appears when Kickback enters Decepticon Island. He sees some Vehicons, two Cyclones, an insecticon, and an orange Airachnid from Prime design reuse without the spider legs.

      • No, that character wasn’t given a name, and was intended to help show that there were a large and varied number of other Decepticons on Decepticon Island. Same with the other characters you mention.

  6. Since I don’t have much spare time as I used to. I will comply every single question I have ever had about RID, and put it in this post.

    1. Do any of the following characters have definitive names or names for the scripts? In fact, you can technically make up a name and it’s considered canon since you are apart of the show’ so crew.

    1. Red and Yellow Chompazoids from Metal Meltdown and Decepticon Island (Part 1).
    2. Orange Sharkticon from Decepticon Island (Part 1).
    3. Blue Sharkticon from Portals.
    4. Orange Airachnid from Metal Meltdown.
    5. Purple Bounty Hunter Insecticon from Mighty Big Trouble, Mini-Con Madness and Worthy.

    If you could supply names for these characters that would be much appreciated so I can add it to the Wiki.

    2. The statues in Kaon City on Cybertron, are they of The Thirteen Primes or of Team Prime, it’s hard to tell.

    3. Can you at least say we’ll see members of Team Prime in Combiner Force without revealing who?

    4. The shorts that were never Animated and shown at BotCon 2015, can they be released as extras on a DVD at some point? There were some good ones.

    These are all the important questions I can think of.

    Thanks, Omega Pulse.

    • 1. Actually, I can’t make up names for characters after the fact if they weren’t named in published scripts or in dialogue. If another writer down the line sees such a character in an old episode of RID and decides they’re interesting and wants to do something with them, they’re more than welcome to give them a name, a backstory, and anything else they want.

      1/1. They weren’t given names.
      1/2. Wasn’t given a name.
      1/3. Wasn’t given a name.
      1/4. I’m not entirely sure who you’re referencing, but I *think* maybe it’s Glowstrike. If I’m wrong, and the character you’re referring to didn’t have any lines and appeared just in the background or had minor action (such as the characters in the previous three answers), then the character wasn’t given a name.
      1/5. I *believe* that’s “Razorhorn.”

      2. According to the script, the statues are of “Cybertronian Heroes.” We didn’t set out to make them specifically Team Prime or the Thirteen Primes. The only statue that was important to our story was Optimus’s, so we didn’t map out who else was represented specifically in the Plaza.

      3. No. Sorry.

      4. Questions like these, about DVD content, or toys, or scheduling, should be directed to Hasbro. All decisions about those things are made at that level, and the creative team was rarely consulted on those matters. I’m sorry, I don’t have a specific name or e-mail for you to direct your questions to.

      • Thanks for your replies.

        1. Before I add it to the Wiki, I would like to confirm that you are saying the purple Insecticon is named Razorhorn? Was it mentioned in the script perhaps?

        2. Great, I have to keep the wiki up to date, can we use the name “Cybertronian Heroes” as a name for the park area?

        I’ll link you to who I am referring to as “Orange Airachnid.”

        Also, I apologize in advance if I seem to ask a lot of questions, I want to keep the Wiki up to date with information.

        Also, you had mentioned earliwr the feline Decepticon that Windblade fought in her debut episode was named “Scratch”, can I just ask for confirmation?

        Thanks, Omega Pulse.

  7. 1. The three bounty hunters are Shadelock, RoughEdge and Razorhorn. Razorhorn is described in the script as the largest of the three. If that’s who you mean, that’s his name.

    2. No, the plaza was not given an official name. If you want to say it’s a plaza in the city featuring statues of Cybertronian heroes, that’s appropriate.

    Orange Airachnid: If that’s not Glowstrike, then the character wasn’t given a name. That episode featured several “background” characters who weren’t given names, lines and had very little, if any, action to perform just to convey to the audience that there were a large number and wide variety of Decepticons on Decepticon Island. Because they weren’t integral to our story as individuals, they weren’t given names.

    Yes, “Scratch” was that character’s name.

      • In the script it’s RoughEdge, but it really doesn’t make a difference. I wanted to differentiate “Roughedge” from “roughage” so people wouldn’t make jokes about lettuce, and then we never mentioned his name anyway.

      • You may want to re-think using words like “grudge” when asking questions. It makes you sound like you’re taking it personally and you’re angry at someone for not specifying if a character’s name is spelled “RoughEdge” or “Roughedge,” and I don’t think that’s how you intend to come across when you’re asking for clarification.

      • Right, grudge was a typo. That wasn’t supposed to be in there. If there was an edit button on this page I would have used.

        You have my apologies.

    • Many of them were just random Vehicons, Sharkticons, and Chompazoids so they probably are just random members of those Decepticon sub-species.

      Another question. Did Malodor’s Skunkticons or Chop Shop’s components have names?

      I’m sorry for bugging you with questions.

      • It’s really best if you save up all your questions to mention at one time. I’m happy to answer questions, but I can’t spend all day answering one question at a time. And I’ve done that a lot today, you may have noticed!

        “Righty” was the only component of Chop Shop’s to get a name.

        “Malodor” was the only Skunticon to get a name.

  8. Well, that’s all the questions I had. I sincerely apologize for the typo earlier. Sometimes it just happens and was not my intention, if only this site had a delete button or edit button. Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions in detail.

    Thanks, Omega Pulse.

  9. Greetings Mr.Adam Beechen,my name is AndySupreme99,you can call me Andy if you wish (AndySupreme99 is my username almost everywhere,that’s why I wanted to use it here as well).I would like to give you some of my questions regarding your show,Transformers Robots in Disguise.
    1.I am aware of the contract clauses which specify that you are not legally allowed to answer to questions like ”will this character appear” or ”will RID end” but this one is different,i’ve seen during Starscream’s arc (that’s how I call the ”mini-season 2”) and during the season 1 finale a little change in the show’s overall tone,could RID become more and more darker as the Combiner Force finale approaches?
    2.About the mini-season 2,what was it actually?a mini-series like Prime’s ”Darkness Rising”,part of season 2 or the actual season 3?I was really confused and,at first,I thought this was going to be RID’s finale,I was proved wrong when Combiner Force was confirmed.If it was really a mini-series is it allright for me to keep calling it ”Starscream’s arc”?
    3.Why the number of episodes from Hasbro Studios website is still 78 if there will be a total number of 71 episodes at the end of Combiner Force?yeah I mentioned earlier my awareness about the contract clauses but could this mean a continuation with 7 more episodes?like a new ”arc”.
    4.Someone asked things about the statues from the first episode,well aside from some familiar faces from Team Prime like Bulkhead and Smokescreen I also spotted Megatron (I have some kind of keen eyes when it comes to details),those are the statues of ”Cybertron’s Heroes”,Megatron was indeed among other statues?if yes,then why is Megatron a hero?basically he is responsible for Cybertron’s destruction,could he be credited for the creation of his own Omega Lock as part of Cybertron’s restoration?
    5.Last but not least,should we stay tuned for teasers and announcements regarding RID in the coming weeks or at the upcoming conventions Hascon and NYCC?
    I wanted to ask if Combiner Force will be the final season or if my favorite Transformers character,Megatron,will return in RID,but I will wait to see the answers to these questions in the show because there are the contract clauses.For now,when I think if Megatron can return I remember what you said about Sunstreaker on Twitter ”there’s always a chance”.
    Thank you very much for your time and answers.Long live NBA Phoenix Suns!

    • Hi Andy:

      1. If the show gets a little darker toward the end of seasons, it’s because we try to build up to a larger story, like “Battleground,” or “Deception Island,” which have higher stakes than the normal stories. We try to keep humor present in those stories, but there tends to be more on the line, so things feel more serious.

      2. The Starscream arc was written and treated internally as Season 3 – a very short season, as we were only asked to come up with six episodes (for reasons we still don’t know). When the episodes were released, it was as part of Season 2, but that decision was made by folks other than the creative team.

      3. That’s a question for the folks maintaining the Hasbro Studios website. I supervised the writing of 71 episodes. If someone, somewhere did another seven episodes (and I don’t think anyone did), I don’t know anything about it. My guess is it’s probably a typo on the website, but I don’t know that for a fact.

      4. I confess, if Megatron is among the statues in our pilot, this is the first I’m hearing of it. I’m not doubting you, but if someone decided to sneak a statue of Megatron in there, it wasn’t done at the writing stage. If Megatron is one of the statues, that sounds like a story someone steering the creative direction of the Transformers may want to tell someday.

      5. I’m not involved with Hascon and NYCC, so I have no idea what information will or won’t be shared there. I’ll be as anxious to find out as you will be!


      • Thank you very much for your answers.I’ll stay tuned to find out what’s coming,but,now i’m curious..last year I saw a photo from a recording session for a script wrote for RID,they called it ”s04”,I was wondering if this was Combiner Force since Starscream’s arc was a little season 3.And by the way,how did you came with the idea of bringing back Starscream in season 3?somehow this gave me some hopes that we may see the unsolved plot elements from Prime (for example Team Prime’s,Predaking’s,Shockwave’s and humans fate,Megatron’s whereabouts etc) finally solved in RID.Well personally i’m more interested in Megatron’s fate since he is my favorite character.Some hints were placed in RID as far as I saw,Knock Out’s vehicle mode was featured as an easter egg several times,Megatron was mentioned several times as well,so,I should take those hints seriously?

  10. It was called season 4 because internally, we thought the Starscream arc was going to be season 3.

    We brought Starscream back because we thought it would be fun for us and fun for the fans.

    Our show wasn’t made to resolve dangling plot threads from Prime. We have too many of our own. If some of Prime’s happen to get resolved along the way, that’s only because it coincides with our telling of our characters’ stories.

    • I have a quick question for you. Is Episode 18 of Combiner Force actually called “Two-Wheeler” or is it something else.

      • I’m not sure,I heard the rumor but for now I can’t take it seriously without confirmation.Is not listed on Zap2it database,that’s why i’m waiting for a confirmation.If is true,then…Arcee is back?

  11. According to our records, episode 18 is called “Breathing Room.” I suppose it’s possible the studio or network changed the title without informing us, but I doubt it.

    • Okay thanks. The description that came with the rumor is as follows: “The Bee Team prepare to engage their enemies to regain the scrapyard, yet not without an old friend”. Is this the description for “Breathing Roon”?

    • They changed many things,for example the name of 2 characters from Combiner Force,Prong became Crustacion and Chicane became Nightra,so it may be possible.Also,since we talk about episodes,I kinda heard something about a new series called Transformers Cyberverse which will debut next year,and they say that RID ends this year.As far as I know this is what Hasbro said at an Investor Day event,so…now I have an answer for the question about RID’s end.

      • Character names changed because our first choices didn’t clear legally. Sometimes clearance reports don’t come back until late in the process, and episode information that may have been released early might change.

    • Alright. To be fair, I like all the episodes as well. There are some I like more then others. To name a few: Graduation Exercises, Decepticon Island, Guilty As Charged, The Golden Knight, Sideways, Out of Focus, Battlegrounds and many more.

      Were there any scrapped ideas for episodes that came to the creative team but never made it to be an episode?

      • So,any thoughts and opinions about the new Transformers Cyberverse cartoon?It was said that Cyberverse will replace RID in 2018.Seems promising for me.

      • Plenty. There always are, and it’s hard to find great ideas. We probably discarded five or six for every one we used.

        Again, please, please, please collect your questions over a couple weeks, and send them to me five or ten at a time. Wait until you have a bunch. I know the answer to one question can lead to another, and I know you’re trying to keep the Wiki updated, but it’s better for me if I can answer several at once, rather than one every day or every couple hours. I don’t want you thinking I’ve blown you off if I don’t respond to a question for three or four days. It’s a better system if you write down your questions as they occur to you and pass them along when you have a good number.

      • I don’t know much about a new cartoon. I’ll look forward to checking it out with everyone else. I’m sure it’ll be good.

  12. Also Hi-Test. Seems like there’s a bit of confusion, probably because I may not have the final draft of the script or because the character is never referred to in dialogue. I’ll try and get an answer for you tomorrow when the office is open, if you don’t mind waiting.

  13. Thanks for the wonderful show. It took me awhile to get into it, after Prime, but from the Starscream arc onwards things have really hit their stride.

    I do have a question: in “Pretzel Logic”, Grimlock makes a reference to Snaketicons. Is Vertebreak a Snaketicon, then?

    • We’re glad you wound up enjoying the series – Thanks for watching. Obviously, RID is a very different show from Prime, but it was created to be different – of a lighter tone and theoretically accessible at almost any point to those who had never seen an episode of any Transformers series before, while still appealing to long-time fans of the franchise.

      My feeling was that Vertebreak was a Snaketicon originally, but who knows what he is now, given how many times he may have grafted on different parts of different Autobots? Ewww!

      • Thanks muchly for the reply. 🙂 I suppose it can be said that when it comes to Vertebreak, he did, in fact, ask for this.

        The only other questions I have at the moment (and for the next couple of weeks, since I do make a point of trying to read backscroll and follow Da Rulz) would be generally related to the Museum Guards:

        1. Given that we have the Museum Guards and the Academy Proctors sharing a body-type, there seems to be a general “security bots all have the same ‘uniform'” sort of thing going on. And it suddenly popped into my mind…are they actually Vehicons who, having thrown in with the ‘winning team’ post-war, received a new, ‘Peace Optimized’ bodytype for law enforcement duties?

        2. Do the Museum Guards/Proctors/etc. have a group name (like say the Autotroopers in Animated)?

        3. Given he shares their bodytype, was RoughEdge a former Museum Guard?

        4. And finally: RoughEdge’s shoulder Autobrands were ‘struck through’. Is this a symbolic thing like Steeljaw’s slashes, or is this meant to indicate that he renounced his faction and is an Ex-Autobot?

        Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

      • 1. There’s no story reason for museum guards and academy proctors having the same body type, so the notion of giving them “Peace Optimized” body types never occurred to us. In all honesty, the main action of our show was so far away from this topic that we never would have gotten into it. It’s probably too “deep-dive” for our series. I’ll tell you the dirty little secret reason they have the same bodies – We had the existing character models, and it was faster and less expensive to modify and repaint those to create “new” incidental and background characters than it was to design (and get approval on) entirely new models. Contrary to popular belief, animated television shows don’t have “unlimited” budgets. Like any other show, we have only so much we can spend each episode, and that has to cover new characters, new locations, new backgrounds, special effects and so on. Therefore, we tend to prioritize where that money is spent, and try to save elsewhere if we can. So the re-use of existing models is a very common practice.

        2. No.

        3. He was not.

        4. His shoulder Autobrands had been damaged in years of combat situations. Because of his vocal condition, he couldn’t explain that easily, and so his “struck-through” Autobrands can be easily mistaken for a political statement when, in fact, they aren’t.

  14. There will be more combiner? Except Ultra Bee, Superion, Menasor, Galvatronus, Bruticus.

    (Sorry for my English, I’m from Ukraine)

  15. Not a problem – I’m glad to know we have viewers all over the world!

    I don’t want to give anything away about future episodes, so I’ll only say there’s more Combiner action to come.

  16. Hi Name is Dennis..I wanted to ask a question..I Have been writing a Killer Batman Beyond Script To put into a Movie…I think will Blow people’s minds…Past concepts I’ve had ideas have came out….Any way I can get together with you or any of the writers to pitch my ideas?..or who in Warner Directly Contact?..I didn’t want to send ideas or scripts to places that won’t have time..If you cannot answer here I can Email me at actually don’t want to pitch this all over since I am finishing & still not person will be better for now…I have other ideas as well..Hope to hear from you soon & Thanks for your time!..😎

    • Hi Dennis – First, congratulations on making progress with your script.

      Now, to be the bearer of bad news…

      Second, I don’t work on Batman Beyond, so I wouldn’t be of much use to you.

      Third, unfortunately, DC and Warner Brothers I’m sure have big plans for the property, likely mapped out for the next several years. Those were almost certainly developed in-house, by animation and comics writers they have lots of experience already working with.

      Fourth, even if they didn’t have plans for the characters in the works, DC or Warners (or much of anyone else in Hollywood, unfortunately) won’t look at what they call an “unsolicited script” (meaning one they didn’t commission or ask for) from a writer they don’t know. That’s doubly true if the script features a character they own – There are legal reasons for that. If you send them your script, and then somewhere down the road, they do a story that resembles yours whether they’ve read yours or not, they don’t want to be sued for “stealing” your idea. Major studios like Warner Brothers only look at scripts that are sent to them by agents they do business with or by writers they know.

      Fifth, you won’t be able to copyright your script because you don’t own the Batman Beyond character. DC and Warner Brothers have the copyright.

      Unfortunately, no matter how brilliant it is, it’s almost completely unlikely your Batman Beyond script will be made into a movie. I’m sorry if that sounds harsh, but I’m just trying to tell it to you straight.

      So, that leaves you with a kick-ass Batman Beyond script… What can you do with it? A couple things. One, you can use it to try and secure an agent for yourself (I’m assuming you don’t already have one) who can get your scripts to big time producers and studios. Agencies, however, also don’t read unsolicited scripts. But there are screenplay and teleplay contests on the web that offer meetings, readings and even representation by agents and managers, and you could submit your script to those. You could also write or call any “connections” you have and ask them if they might read your script and recommend it to their agents or managers.

      An agent or manager you might sign with could use your script as a representative sample of your writing to show to producers and studios. It would show that you can write for an existing property, and that you could match the “voice” of characters someone else has created – a great skill to have if you want to work on television shows. You would likely need more samples of this type, because the first question asked after someone likes a script you’ve written is, “What else do you have?”

      But my advice would be to do a little modifying of the script you have, and turn it into something completely original – not Batman Beyond-related at all. That way it’s truly yours and you’re not hampered by someone else’s legal claim to the characters you’re writing. Someone may read it and say, “Wow, Dennis’ script shows he really knows how to write future stuff and action and humor… He’d be great for something like ‘Batman Beyond.'” Or, “This script is amazing and original and fresh, and it’s a totally new property that’s not tied to anything already in the market.” Making your script original will make it more versatile, in that you can show it to more producers and potential employers, agents and managers.

      So don’t despair, you have some options. Pick what you think is best for you, and most realistic, and press on!

      Good luck,

      • Thank you for the quick reply. In the toyline, there were two different toys. One for Great-Byte which was the Activator Mini-Con and one for Sawtooth, the Weaponizer Mini-Con.

        Also, this has been a question that has probably been in everyone’s mind since the show started. It’s obvious that characters like Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, Jazz and Drift are War Veterans. With that said, characters like Sideswipe and Strongarm seem younger and more inexperienced. Were they born after Optimus Prime’s sacrifice in Predacons Rising?

        Also, since RID is in continuity with Prime, and Prime is apparently in continuity with the games “War for Cybertron” and “Fall of Cybertron” is RID Grimlock that same Grimlock? Or is he a brand new Grimlock born after Optimus’ sacrifice?

  17. I see that the whole “please save up your questions” thing has been pretty much lost on you.

    I don’t have any control over the toy line. I’m not consulted about what toys they create or what context or names they give them. I can only tell you that, in our scripts, Sawtooth started out as Great Byte, but that name didn’t clear Legal, so we switched it to Sawtooth.

    I have no idea when Strongarm and Sideswipe were born, but they are younger than Bee, OP, Jazz and Drift.

    I don’t know anything about the games. If their Grimlock looks and acts like our Grimlock and hangs around with the same characters our Grimlock hangs around with, then he’s probably meant to be the same character, but I can’t say for certain.

      • Let’s try it out, this may be a long post:

        1. Why did Fracture join Steeljaw’s pack? It was never revealed on screen why he chose to do it? Did Steeljaw and him strike a deal?

        2. Out of all the Rescue Bots that you could choose from, why was Blurr chosen to be the crossover instead of say Blades or Heatwave. Was it to benefit Sideswipe’s character development?

        3. Back in “Trust Exercises” Steeljaw was trying to open a stasis pod but was prevented from doing so by Strongarm. Later Strongarm said all the pods were empty. So who was in the pod and how is this possible?

        4. Why didn’t the Primes ever tell Optimus that he was going to face Megatronus? He would have probably taken his training more seriously had that been the case.

        5. Why didn’t Windblade wake up during Prime? Those events threatened the Earth at the time. The only answer I can think of is that Primus was the only one who could open her pod and he was dead at the time.

        6. How was Megatronus impriosned and how was Earth involved? Cybertron is reasonable since it’s Primus, but why does Megatronus blame Unicron as well?

        7. How did Blastwave’s voice box get damaged? Which Decepticon was responsible?

      • I forgot a few! Best continue along, really sorry about this in advance.

        8. In “Guilty As Charged” Nightra mentions that she and Strongarm once tried to arrest a Wrecker. Was it Wheeljack or Bulkhead? Since most of the Wreckers are dead I assume it was one of those.

        9. Why was Micronus chosen to be Optimus’ trainer? I don’t want to sound like I am complaining, this show made me love Micronus, but why Micronus over say Vector Prime or Onyx Prime? Was it due to the show’s Mini-Con theme?

        10. Why did the Autobots wait weeks after defeating Megatronus before resuming their duties? Were they just tired? Furthermore why did the Primes wait weeks to take back their sparks, why not just do it after the battle? If it had been done then, there would have been time for Optimus to recover.

        11. Does that Museum Guard from all the way in Pilot (Part 1) have a name?

        12. Will we see the Weaponizer Mini-Cons from the Starscream Arc again or are they gone for good?

        13. Overload and the Bot that Optimus fought in the Realm of the Primes share the same body-type. Was this intentional on Micronus’ part given Optimus’ history with Overload so that Optimus would have more anger and take the test more seriously towards the Overload look-a-like rather then just manifesting a random Vehicon?

        14. Did Optimus take the Scavengers with him on the ship? It was never mentioned what happened to them? Were they imprisoned at the Scrapyard or did Optimus take them to wherever he and his “Old Friends” are currently?

        15. Why were Backtrack and Ransack imprisoned on the Alchemor? It was never mentioned in the Shorts nor on their time on the show.

  18. 1. Probably. We didn’t get into it because it wasn’t important to the story we were trying to tell.

    2. We were asked by Hasbro to include Blurr specifically in several episodes.

    3. I don’t know who was in that specific pod, and any answer I would give you I would just be making up. As for why the pod was eventually empty, we did establish that some pods failed from time to time, generally as a result of damage caused by the Alchemor’s crash, so maybe the lock on that particular pod failed sometime after “Trust Exercises” and whoever was inside escaped somehow.

    4. I don’t pretend to understand why the Primes do what they do.

    5. I don’t know, and any answer I would give you I would just be making up. There have been zillions of events that have threatened the Earth since the beginning of the Transformers franchise, not just the ones in Prime, and she didn’t wake up during those either.

    6. I don’t recall. All I do recall is that we were asked to bring back Megatronus from the dimension in which he’d been imprisoned at an earlier time. That suggests to me that the story of his imprisonment has been told somewhere along the way, but if it has, I don’t remember the details.

    7. I don’t know, and any answer I would give you I would just be making up. It wasn’t important to the story we were trying to tell. All the audience needed to know was that his voice box had been damaged somewhere along the way in his career. Maybe it’s a story than can be told in greater detail by someone else down the line.

  19. 8. I don’t know the name of the Wrecker they tried to arrest. It wasn’t important to the story we were trying to tell.

    9. I don’t pretend to understand why the Primes do what they do.

    10. The Megatronus story was the last story of season 1, and we wanted to show that some quiet, uneventful time had passed between the end of that season and the start of season 2. As for why the Primes waited weeks, I don’t pretend to understand why the Primes do what they do.

    11. He probably has a name. We didn’t find out what it was because it wasn’t important to the story we were trying to tell.

    12. I don’t give out spoilers.

    13. It was done not for any story reason other than to give Optimus’ story a greater symbolic parallel to Bumblebee’s story.

    14. Optimus took them with him.

    15. I don’t know and any answer I’d give you I’d just be making up. It wasn’t important to the story we were trying to tell.

    Many of your questions are about incredibly small details, and chances are if we didn’t explain them at the time it’s because they weren’t important to the story we were trying to tell. We have a limited amount of time to tell our stories, and we stick to the most important information to get our stories told in an interesting and dramatic way. We don’t come up with complete back stories for every museum guard, nor do we know the entire history of a relatively minor character like RoughEdge. For the most part, we’re not holding back information from our audience. And when we do have more information on a character that we don’t reveal in that character’s first or second appearance, it’s because we’re saving it for use later. Which would make revealing that information a spoiler, and we don’t give out spoilers.

    We respect your strong commitment to, and deep knowledge of Transformers lore, and we appreciate your curiosity about the small details concerning characters large and small in the stories we tell. But I hope the paragraph above gives you some insight into how we (and most shows) work. We’re not lazy and we’re not blowing you off if we don’t have satisfying answers to all your questions. They’re good questions, and if someone wants to come up with stories or theories that answer those questions, great. But the practical reality of what we do is such that we can’t lavish that level of detail on every character in every story. There’s simply not time, space or creative bandwidth.

    • Thanks for taking the time to answer those questions and to write the paragraph. It’s good to get some answers and I can respect why you would rather focus your attention on more important factors in the episodes.

      I do want to thank you all for making Robots in Disguise a great series to begin with. It’s because of you and Hasbro that RID exists and over the three years it’s aired it has become one of my favourites. The most important things like character development, stories and animation are some of the things I thoroughly enjoyed about the series. It was refreshing to see a new take on Transformers. The war being over and Bumblebee leading a new team while Optimus himself trained for a new mission. I’ll admit, Prime’s animation was hard to top, but RID’s animation is actually not bad at all, in fact, it’s better then some of the other series’ animation, though I won’t name names. So thank you for creating Robots in Disguise and making it a great series. I am only writing this now under the assumption that Combiner Force is the last season since Hasbro just announced a new series set for release in 2018.

      Although, I have to question why Hasbro named the show Robots in Disguise in the first place. It’s not a bad name at all, but Hasbro had another show named Robots in Disguise that aired back in 2001. It had 39 episodes and it too was a good series. It’s just odd to have two series with the same name.

      • You’re welcome, and thanks for the kind words. When our show debuted, longtime fans of the franchise compared us pretty unfavorably to Prime, which I understood, given that series’ devoted following. Now, a few of those people who have stuck with our series are starting to send me notes indicating they’ve come around to enjoying our show, perhaps in a different kind of way than Prime, but just as much. That’s very gratifying. Of course, viewers watching RID as their first experience with the franchise are enjoying it too, and that’s just as gratifying, because a big part of our mission was to bring in new viewers. My hope was that we’d resonate with fans old and new, younger and older, perhaps in different ways for each, and that seems like it’s happening, at least a little.

        What’s really been fun is seeing how the show has developed as a series about a thrown-together family, how Bee has grown into an effective, confident and respected leader, and how Strongarm, Sideswipe and Grimlock have developed distinct personalities and specific ways of relating to each other.

        I agree that Prime’s animation was amazing. RID uses a different kind of animation for a different kind of show, and I think it’s pretty incredible, particularly in some of the facial expressions and some of the physical bits the artists and animators include that may not be in the scripts, but which they think would be appropriate to the characters (I’m thinking of Strongarm in the pilot, running past Bumblebee to get to Underbite, and hopping a bit as she goes because she’s so excited – I always loved that, and it wasn’t in my script). Our show really is a collaboration, all across the board, and our crew members are some of the most talented and committed people I’ve ever worked with.

        When I came aboard, there were a number of possible titles for the series (I won’t tell you what they were) and the one Hasbro settled on was RID. The creative team didn’t have input into their decision. I thought it was strange, too, given the earlier show of the same name, and the fact that our show wasn’t particularly going to be about our characters spending much time in disguise. But they chose what they chose, and certainly, when people think Transformers, many of them think of the classic phrase, “Robots In Disguise,” so maybe that worked a little in our favor and attracted some viewers. I don’t know.

      • Robots in Disguise itself is a fantastic show, one that has definitely grown on me. The fandom and Prime fans were just hooked on Prime, that when it ended, people were kind of disappointed since it left some loose ends and it looked gorgeous. Now I know a lot and I mean a lot of people who were Prime fans and are now Prime and RID fans. I do think since it’s a sequel or more like a spin-off to Prime, people wanted to see more Prime characters back rather then giving the new characters a shot.

        I’ll admit I was one of those people during the first season. Then I started to like Steeljaw, and watching him try to recruit Decepticons, and then watching Bee grow as a leader after we saw him as a scout in Prime, I got hooked on the story. We all fell in love with Steeljaw, Fixit, Strongarm, Sideswipe and Grimlock (and countless others) and have grown to accept them as new fan favourites. I am sure that’s how RID got a massive fan base, and it seems Hasbro was surprised too since it got another season. According to Hasbro, it was originally supposed to have two seasons and a movie but that movie became the Starscream Season.

        I think RID has probably the best voice cast of any Transformers show. That is one of the highlights of the series as well.

        Sadly because of the toy bios we kind of know who runs the Council (Thank Hasbro Toy Bios, The Bio stated that Cyclonus is behind the Council) but I am really looking forward to seeing Cyclonus in action if he shows up. I really hope that Galvatronus and Ultra Bee have an epic battle, if they do show up in the show. To be fair, the toys usually spoil stuff in cartoons in the past especially in Prime.

        I will admit, when Soundwave returned in “Portals” and Ratchet returned in “Decepticon Island” I was very ecstatic. Seeing them again was amazing. Even Starscream’s Return was well written and well executed.

        So all in all, I am extremely sad that Robots in Disguise is ending, but I hope you and the creative team know that you all created a wonderful show that has a larger fan base then ever anticipated. You have also helped get new people into the fandom, which as well is a great accomplishment.

        Are you working on the new cartoon by any chance? Just curious.

        Also do you own any RID merchandise (Toys, DVDs)?

        Best Regards, Omega Pulse.

      • I’m not working on the new series. Just like RID was a change from Prime, I think Hasbro wanted to try something new and wanted new voices for it.

        I have small toys of some of the characters from our series, but that’s pretty much it.

  20. The system wouldn’t let me reply above, so apologies if this appears out of order. Thanks for your reply. I completely understand about model reuse (even if, like most fans, I sometimes grouch about things like characters always having the same clothes!), but it’s cool when it lets us fans develop headcanons like Steve the Vehicon now being a museum guard (and, given the fate Vehicons tend to attract, probably being two days from retirement when Bumblebee came through).

    Anyway, that clears up quite a few questions-of-canon I had with the show. Thanks muchly for letting us fans have an opportunity to ask questions, it’s one of the great wonders of the Internet that I still marvel about. I’m looking forwards to the rest of Season 3!

  21. I’ve had a bunch of questions that I’m unsure you can answer. But I’ll see.

    1. Megatronus mentioned he got power from a force stronger than a Prime. While the story wouldn’t benefit from us knowing, what was intended by this line?
    2. You recently told Omega Pulse, Great-Byte is now named Sawtooth. He does look a lot like Sawtooth and Sawtooth’s box art shows him green, but what do you mean Great-Byte is now named Sawtooth?
    3. Do the Activator Mini-Cons have a backstory and are their more of them?
    4. Even with Soundwave’s GroundBridge opening ability, its been established that you can only open an entrance to the ShadowZone by crossing two GroundBridges on the outside. Yet Soundwave seems to be able to open portals for the Activator Mini-Cons to go through. Also, when we saw his silhouette in King of the Hill (Part 2), he had his new body from the toyline. Do either of these things have an explanation?
    5. If Caretaker Mini-Cons are all individual why do they all look exactly the same?
    6. Will we see Seekers like Thundercracker or Skywarp sometime down the line?
    7. Are we gonna learn what Optimus and his old friends are doing and whom they are?
    8. As it seems you were unaware that RID would be ending and Cyberverse would be starting in 2018, do you think the finale we get will be a good ending or an open one.
    9. What is the best part of working on RID?
    10. Where did Optimus get his ship from.
    11. Will we ever see a Titan like Metroplex or Fort Max on RID?
    Thank you I apologize if you can’t answer anything or if I’m asking too much.

    • 1. To hint at a story we might go back to later. Sadly, that didn’t happen, but it’s still out there waiting to be told if someone down the line wants to take a shot.
      2. Quoting a previous answer: “I don’t have any control over the toy line. I’m not consulted about what toys they create or what context or names they give them. I can only tell you that, in our scripts, Sawtooth started out as Great Byte, but that name didn’t clear Legal, so we switched it to Sawtooth.”
      3. I don’t give out spoilers.
      4. Who said that was the ONLY way to open ShadowZone portals? Crossing GroundBridge portals was the only way they KNEW to open those portals… until now. Also, who said it was Soundwave opening the portals and not the Activators? They’re called Activators for a reason, you know…
      5. Who said they all look the same? There may be a zillion we haven’t seen. Also, they all have individual personalities, not appearances.
      6. I don’t give out spoilers.
      7. I don’t give out spoilers.
      8. I knew RID was ending and was pretty sure a new series was going to start. I just didn’t (and don’t) know details about the new series. My hope is our finale will satisfactorily wrap up our series.
      9. Growing the characters from first episode to last… and working with incredibly talented and cool collaborators.
      11. No.

      • This is more of a story question. Based on previous finales they all seemed to wrap up the show pretty well, without giving out what happens in Combiner Force, can you say it’ll wrap up the series fairly well?

        The last time another show named Transformers: Animated was cancelled and we had a lot of unanswered questions left because of this. I hope it’s not the same for Robots in Disguise.

        I have no more story or plot questions now.

        Best Regards, Omega Pulse.

      • Do you really think I’m going to say, “No, it’s a terrible ending?” Of course we think it’ll wrap up the series well! 🙂

    • Well, I never expected you to say it’s a terrible ending. No show has a terrible ending. I was just wondering if it would wrap up the series. For example, Season 1 didn’t wrap up the series because Steeljaw was at large and the Autobots still have fugitives to recapture. Now Season 2 and the Starscream Arc wrapped up most of the series, but still could go on if it was renewed which it was. So I just hope the end of RID wraps up all dangling plots (Soundwave, Stunticons, Steeljaw’s Pack and The Council).

      • I think it wraps up everything that’s important, but ultimately, how good a job it does will be up to the viewers.

      • Glad to hear. I don’t know when the finale of Combiner Force airs in the U.S.A om Cartoon Network since apparently the show went on hiatus there for a whole two months. In Canada, the finale (Episode 26) is currently supposed to air on on October 28, 2017. Just in case you wanted to know.

  22. Hello.A friend of mine has 2 questions for you.
    1.Can she name the unnamed red Chompazoid Bashlight?
    2.Will Kickback have a chance to be an autobot?
    And…here’s one of my own questions
    3.Could Soundwave believe that the war for Cybertron is still ongoing?if he was trapped in the Shadowzone for so long I think that he may not be aware of Megatron’s decision to disband the decepticon faction and go somewhere else.I started to think about this when I saw the episode ”Golden Knight” were a con believed that the war was still ongoing,like some japanese soldiers who fought in the WW2.Then,Megatron maybe forgot that some of his former soldiers are still active and I believe he should stop them.

  23. How come the plans to bring back Jack, Miko, and Raf never materialized? Will they appear before the show wraps up.or should their fates be left for another story teller?

  24. Hey I heard about a rumor a long time ago when the show first started to air from very early on that the character Prowl was originally in the script for the very first episode of Rid and was Bumblebee and Strongarm’s superior…is it true or was it just people making up stuff?

  25. Hello Mr. Beechen. I’ve really enjoyed both Transformers: Prime and RiD15 so naturally I have a few questions!

    What logic went on with the writers for what the Alchemor Prisoners scanned on earth? Because we got some vehicles that have never been used, rarely been used, and/or just seemed left-field picks

    With the Stunticons, why did we get Slashmark and not Dead End? While Slashmark is more upbeat and is a fantastic character, it does feel like Drag Strip and Motormaster are the only surviving members of the original five.

    Was it a deliberate move to have flying characters be few and far between in RiD15?

    This one isn’t a question so much as a thank you: thanks for having Strongarm not be a motorbike and for having everyone who didn’t like her actually have a reason with her sticking to the rules at all times. It’s nice to see a fandom like Transformers post about why they don’t like a character and have it be legitimate. Also, Police Truck female TF is awesome and she is my favorite Warrior-Class Autobot.

    With Thunderhoof’s Mafia, would it be safe to assume that he was at odds with Contrail (mentioned by Terrashock) and Polar Claw? It would’ve been a fun interaction to see the Hoof dealing with another Crime Lord’s enforcer without his own.

    And finally, Bashbreaker’s toy turns into a hammer while in-show he is more of a club/mace. Which one is the intended alt-mode?

    Thank you for your time

    • 1. The logic was to create a wide variety of vehicles so the characters wouldn’t all look alike in their vehicle forms. Most of the prisoners hadn’t been to Earth before, so they wouldn’t have known what vehicles would be considered “left field” or not.

      2. I don’t have an answer to this question and would only be making something up.

      3. Yes. All of our primary characters (until Windblade arrived) were designed to be ground-based. Staging battles between air- and ground-based vehicles is difficult, as air-based vehicles have a big advantage, and we wanted to keep the playing field relatively level in most situations. So we created mostly ground-based opponents for our heroes.

      4. You’re welcome? Are you saying, “Thanks for keeping Strongarm unlikable?” Because we don’t think Strongarm is unlikable in the least. We think she’s tremendously likable, loyal, funny and committed to doing the right thing. She’s learned over time to be less rigid and to use her own judgment, though she still has her moments.

      5. Most organized crime bosses don’t get along with other organized crime bosses because they have the same goals and are in competition with each other, so you can probably assume Thunderhoof isn’t best pals with Contrail or Polarclaw.

      6. Sometimes the realities of toy construction are different from what a character can look like in animation. You’d have to ask the toy people about the specific reasons for the differences between the alt-modes. For the show, obviously, the correct alt-mode is the hammer.

  26. Hi Mr Beechen,

    I really enjoyed RID2015 and since it’s currently only planned for 4 seasons (and one TV movie maybe?), would you continue producing other Transformers shows or comics after RID ?

  27. I know that you may not be able to tell us directly what season 3 of robots in disguise will hold, but can you atleast tell us if we will be seeing some more “familar faces” (from prime, though you don’t have to state it) returning. I also hope that we get to atleast see some more of the restored cybertron before the series ends.

    Also, if its not going to be explored in the series, can you tell us of some of the new characters origins? For example, strongarm and sideswipe seem as if they were born after the war ended, not unlike the animated autobots, and given how no one seems to mention the war, cybertron seems to be fully restored, and the decepticons on the alchemor are being imprisoned for petty crimes, rather than say murdering hundreds of autobots in the battle of iacon during the war or something like that, it all presents a large plot hole that i hope will atleast be addressed or resolved before the end of the series.

    • Please see earlier replies. I don’t give out spoilers.

      Beyond the information we’ve presented in the episodes, we didn’t create detailed backstories for new characters like Strongarm and Sideswipe (i.e. when exactly they were born). The facts that exist about them are the ones we’ve presented.

      Our series wasn’t about the war, so we weren’t concerned with it, beyond the fact that it’s over and in the interim, Cybertron has been restored. Obviously, something has happened with the leadership of Cybertron, and that is something we’re going to deal with.

      Regarding the crimes committed by the Alchemor prisoners, who said all their crimes were petty? They are the “worst of the worst” prisoners, and we only learned about a fraction of those prisoners, and a fraction of those prisoners’ crimes. Some of them may have been pretty heinous, and we just didn’t find out about them. Grimlock’s crime of property damage may sound petty, but maybe he did a stunning amount of damage, or damaged something really important.

      You have to remember that the primary target audience of our show is kids between the ages of six and eleven. If older audiences watch our show, that’s great, but the target audience is kids six to eleven. So we’re not going to use words like murder, slaughter, genocide or die on our show because shows for kids six to eleven don’t go that dark. Shows like Transformers Prime could go that dark because they’re targeted older. But RID is not Prime, as I’m often told.

      Therefore, if you want to assume that Alchemor prisoners committed war crimes of murder and genocide, feel free. I don’t know, maybe they did. But we’re not going to say it on our show because that’s not what our show is about.

  28. Could you also clear up a few things, such as the Lord Doomitron/Bludgeon dilemma? Bludgeon was originally solicited as Lord Doomitron, then the character appeared in the cartoon with a hybrid model of the two toys i believe, with another more G1 inspired Bludgeon being released not long after. Could you also tell us who “that one with all the eyes” is that grimlock is referring to, was it intended to be a decepticon that we’d already seen lile chopshop, or just a random off screen foe?

    • 1. I don’t have any information about the toys. The name “Lord Doomitron” was a joke among the creative team members, as in, “Wouldn’t it be funny if we had a character named Lord Doomitron?” And we used it as a placeholder name until a better one could be thought of. Apparently, someone took it literally, and that’s all I can guess.

      2. A random off-screen foe.

  29. So this is the end of RiD aka Combiner Force. Is there a possibility we’ll see Starscream again after his… he became catatonic? Like is there a chance we’ll see him awake again and what about Megatron? All these references towards him feel like he’s bound to show up.

  30. Where is

    Menasor: Dead End, Wildrider, Offroad and Blackjack?

    Galvatronus: Air Raid, Skydive, Viper, Mindwipe, Acid Storm, Astrotrain, Blitzwing?

    • Megatronprime Dude it’s just a roster change for the show…if there isn’t a version of them in the show they don’t exist.

      Personally I like to think that the original stunticons besides Motormaster and Dragstrip are dead just like Breakdown in Prime and that Wildbreak,Slashmark, and Heatseeker are replacements.

      It’s either that or they don’t exist…just because they were in previous shows and comics doesn’t mean it’s the same here.

  31. I just want to say thanks for a job well done. Transformers: Robots In Disguise quickly became an entertaining show loved by many Transformers fans. RID Cast and Crew poured their hearts and souls to deliver a great show. My congratulations for completing a big project. Looking forward to see you guys on another Transformers show.
    Lots of love from the staff at TFW2005.

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