Television Credits

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Thornberrys Logo

THE WILD THORNBERRYS (1998-2004) – Nickelodeon

Gold Fever
Stick Your Neck Out
Clash of the Teutons
You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yeti
Show Me The Bunny
Have Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas
Luck Be An Aye-Aye
A Tiger By The Tail
Where the Gauchos Roam

Rugrats Logo

RUGRATS (1990-2004) – Nickelodeon

Thumbs Up
Discover America (story)

Rocket Power Logo

ROCKET POWER (1999-2004) – Nickelodeon

Ice Queens
Happy Luau to You-Au
Father’s Day Off
Rainy Days and Sundaes
Zine Dreams
Aloha Kid
Big Thursday
Blader Bowl
Loss Of Squid
Rocket Rescue
Safety Patrol Sam
Super McVarial 900
The Night Before
Twisted Cinema

Little Bill Logo

LITTLE BILL (1999-2004) – Nick Jr.

Are We There Yet?
Super Family Fun Land!
Wabbit Worries
Wabbit Babies
Summertime in the Wintertime
Snow Racer

Totally Spies Logo

TOTALLY SPIES! (2001-2006) – ABC Family


X-Men Evolution Logo

X-MEN EVOLUTION (2000-2003) – Kids WB

The Stuff Of Villains

Mucha Lucha Logo

MUCHA LUCHA (2002-2005) – Kids WB

Not So Buena Girl

Static Shock Logo

STATIC SHOCK (2000-2004) – The WB

Blast From the Past

Jett Jackson Logo

THE FAMOUS JETT JACKSON (1998-2001) – Disney Channel

JB’s Big Break
Ghost Dance

Out There Logo

OUT THERE (2003-2004) – CTW

Home Away From Home

Jackie Chan Logo


The Chosen One
The Chan Who Knew Too Much
The Chi of the Vampire
A Night At The Opera
The Amazing T-Troop
The Good Guys
Antler Action!

Teen Titans Logo

TEEN TITANS (2003-2006) – Cartoon Network

Forces of Nature
Mad Mod
Only Human

Hi Hi Logo

HI HI PUFFY AMIYUMI (2004-2006) – Cartoon Network – Story Editor

Ami Ami
Visiting Hours
Kitty Contest
The Oddyguard
Helping Hand
Ami Yumi 3000
Rock Lobsters
Prisoners of Yoyovia
Stop the Presses
Puffy B.C.
Truth Or Dare
Small Stuff
It’s Alive!




Ned's Logo



Johnny Test Logo

JOHNNY TEST (2005-2012) – Kids WB

Hoist The Johnny Roger
Johnny’s Got A Brand New Dad
Johnny’s Pet Day
Johnny Applesauce

The Batman Logo

THE BATMAN (2004-2008) – The WB

Ragdolls to Riches
Grundy’s Night
The Cat and the Bat
Batgirl Begins, Part 2

Edgar and Ellen Logo

EDGAR AND ELLEN (2007-2008) – Nicktoons – Story Editor

Mount Nodmore
Prankly Speaking
The All-Knowing Head of Poe: The Chicken or the Egg?
Heimertz’s Family Album: His First Accordion
Bon Voyage, Stephanie
Power Corrupts
Pasta Their Prime
Art For Art’s Sake
Prank Insurance
Nod’s Limbs Public Access: Edgar’s House of Whatchamacallits

Secret Saturdays Logo

SECRET SATURDAYS (2008-2010) – Cartoon Network

Target: Fiskerton
The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes
Life In the Underground

Batman Brave and the Bold Logo

BATMAN: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD (2008-2011) – Cartoon Network

Invasion of the Secret Santas!
Night of the Huntress!
The Super-Batman of Planet X!

Kick Logo


According to Chimp (story by)

Gormiti Logo

GORMITI: THE LORDS OF NATURE RETURN! (2008-2010) – Cartoon Network

The Forgotten Valley

Generator Rex Logo

GENERATOR REX (2010-2012) – Cartoon Network


Pink Panther Logo

PINK PANTHER AND PALS (2010-2011)  – Cartoon Network – Story Editor

Remotely Pink
The Spy Wore Pink
Pink Kahuna
Pink Up the Volume
Pinkular Mechanics
Gold, Silver, Bronze…and Pink
Pink Suds and Clean Duds
Pink Pink Pink Pink
And Not A Drop To Pink
A Pinker Tomorrow
Life In the Pink Lane

Ben 10 Logo

BEN 10 (2005-2008) – Cartoon Network


Ben 10 Alien Force Logo

BEN 10: ALIEN FORCE (2008-2010) – Cartoon Network

If All Else Fails

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Logo

BEN 10: ULTIMATE ALIEN (2010-2012) – Cartoon Network

Basic Training

Scooby Logo

SCOOBY-DOO! MYSTERY, INC. (2010-2012) – Cartoon Network

Revenge of the Man-Crab
The Shrieking Madness
Menace of the Manticore
The House of the Nightmare Witch

Voltron Logo

VOLTRON FORCE (2011-2012) – Nicktoons

Predator Robeast
Crossed Signals

Sword of the Atom Logo

DC NATION: SWORD OF THE ATOM (2012) – Cartoon Network

Eye of the Storm
A Choice of Dooms
Rattling the Cage
Battle of the Tiny Titans

Chuck Logo

THE ADVENTURES OF CHUCK AND FRIENDS (2010-2012) – The Hub – Executive Producer

Special Delivery
Buffing Up
Tough Break
Race to the Race
The Check-Up (Story by)
Lights, Camera, Trucks!  (Story by)
The Pothole
Unidentified Rolling Object
Revving Up Rally
Join the Club
Did You Hear?
Rowdy’s New Rigg (Story by)
Sitter Shenanigans
Hard At Work
The Great Truck Games, Part 1
The Great Truck Games, Part 2
The Great Truck Games, Part 3
The Great Truck Games, Part 4

LPS Logo

LITTLEST PET SHOP (2012) – The Hub

Books and Covers
Bakers and Fakers
Heart Of Parkness
Alligators and Handbags
The Hedgehog In The Plastic Bubble
To Paris, With Zoe
The Expo Factor, Part 2
Some Assistance Required
Guilt Tripping

TT Go Logo

TEEN TITANS GO! (2013) – Cartoon Network

Now With Extra Awesomeness

Hulk Logo

HULK AND THE AGENTS OF S.M.A.S.H. (2013) – Disney XD

The Skaar Whisperer
Inhuman Nature

Tom and Jerry Logo

TOM & JERRY (2013) – Cartoon Network

What A Pain

Beware the Batman Logo

BEWARE THE BATMAN (2013) – Cartoon Network


Sonic Boom Logo

SONIC BOOM (2013) – Cartoon Network

Guilt Tripping


TRANSFORMERS: ROBOTS IN DISGUISE (2015) – The Hub – Producer/Story Editor

Transformers RID Logo

Pilot, Part 1
Pilot, Part 2
Trust Exercises
Out Of Focus


Chuck Logo

Chuck’s Big Air Dare (2011) – The Hub


Hero Factory: Catch ‘Em and Cuff ‘Em (2012) – Lego
Hero Factory: Assault on Hero Factory (2013) – Lego
Hero Factory: Bug Hunt (2014) – Lego
Hero Factory: Invasion From Below (2015) – Lego

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