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125 thoughts on “This Is The Place…

  1. I’m back beechen and i would ask you some other questions,
    1.Why almost all cons from the show turn into cars or bikes or trucks and no jet except starscream and cyclonus?
    2.Where the idea of bumblebee combiner ultra bee came from ?

    I’d ask too your opinion:
    1.If you could continue the aligned continuity and or RID would you do it ?
    2.Do you think that bumblebee could have become the next prime and if it’s,how would you call him?

    • 1. And Zzizza. Otherwise, we chose not to have too many air-based cons because they’re harder for our largely ground-based team of heroes to fight.
      2. The toy side of Hasbro.

      1. Sure.
      2. No, he’s too young.

  2. Hi Beechen, I was re-watching the finale and I began to think about the Council’s plan. They’ say they wanted to bring back Megatron, but he left the Decepticons so I began to think, were they talking about Megatronus instead but we’re just calling him Megatron?

    I mean since he survived then he would want revenge and he was the first Decepticon so he would want an empire.

    This is probably just a stupid theory but it would explain a lot, and it would make Megatronusas the true villain with Cyclonus/Galvatronus, Soundwave and Steeljaw etc all working to bring him back.

  3. Hi Mr. Beechen…
    So, I was watching Blurr’s debut again, and I was wondering. Is there any connection between Inquirata’s Sharkticons in Retribution and Hammerstrike+Ragebyte in RID?

    2. Did you intend that Crash Combining Cyberwarp and Skyjack would result in Skywarp?

    3. Crosshairs’ model is in Disordered Personalities in the race. Was this an AOE/TLK reference?

    4. Were there any characters that were cancelled? What would their names be?

    5. What made you return Bulkhead over the others?

    6. Were you aware that in Sick As A Bot you could have used the toy Shocknado? In his biography it states he deploys viruses? Were you going to use him instead of Wingcode? Is that Hasbro’s toy counterpart to Wingcode?

    7. What is the origin of the Sphere Of Doradus?

    8. How did you get the new design for Jazz? Inspirations?

    9. Are Saberhorn and Glowstrike considered Insecticons?

    10. How old would you like to say Flamesnort is?

    11. What made you want to return Simacore?


    • 1. No.
      2. I don’t remember what our intention was.
      3. No.
      4. No, there weren’t any characters that were cancelled.
      5. We thought he’d be fun to use.
      6. No, we never considered using Shocknado.
      7. We wanted an object that all of the characters would want and fight over. And we wanted to use Springload again, too, so we wanted the object to be something he also wanted.
      8. You’d have to ask the character designers and toy divisions about that.
      9. Probably.
      10. Very.
      11. We liked the character and thought he was fun.

  4. Hey Adam I have a few questions.

    1) Why did Cyclonus weapon get enlarged when he combined into Galvatronus?

    2) If you could would you write a sequel series to Prime and RID? If yes would it have a similar theme with Prime and also what would be the plot?

    • 1) The combining process is very mysterious. Not all is known about why it happens the way it does.
      2) I’d write more RID if I had the opportunity, but haven’t given any thought to what the plot would be. I’m busy doing other things now.

      • Follow up question how did you become a writer for RID and is it possible for you to write a sequel?

      • I was hired by Hasbro to write for the series. But they’ve moved on from RID to work on new Transformers projects with other writers.

  5. But if you had the opportunity to would you discuss a new sequel to RID? I actually have an idea on what the plot could be.

  6. hi beechen i was thinking about cyclonus in RID and i’d ask you if:
    1.Cyclonus is advanced skywarp or two different characters like in WFC
    2.Does scourge exist in the aligned continuity ?

    • It doesn’t cost anything to send Hasbro a note and let them know you have an idea for their characters. Just go online, find an e-mail address on their website, and write them a letter.

  7. Ok, here are some more questions.
    1. Why was cliffjumper blacklisted even though he was killed by starscream in transformers prime?
    2. Will Megatron make any reappearances in a future transformers series?
    3. Was the ship Starscream was using the Nemesis from transformers prime?
    4. When did the vehicons get new paint jobs?

    • 1. Maybe that wasn’t Cliffjumper, but someone else who looked like him.
      2. I have no idea.
      3. No.
      4. I don’t know.

      Please save up all your questions and asked them at one time. I can’t keep coming back and answering questions one or a couple at a time.

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