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12 thoughts on “This Is The Place…

  1. Hi ! I’m new to your website. I would like to start off by saying that I love your work & all that you did for the Transformers franchise. I know how you answer fan questions & comments, so if you don’t mind, can you answer some
    these questions ?:

    1. What happened to the members of Team Prime ? (Excluding Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, & Bulkhead)

    2. Did Predaking die alongside SkyLynx & Darksteel ?

    3. What happened to Shockwave after the events of Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising ?

    4. Did Steeljaw eventually get arrested ?

    These are all the questions I have for now. Thanks for your time if you answered them !

    • 1. They were discredited, like everyone else, during the Decepticon Impostors’ takeover of Cybertron. Once the Decepticons were overthrown, the Team Prime members were restored to their previous heroic status and continued serving the population of Cybertron.

      2. Unknown.

      3. Unknown.

      4. The last we heard, Steeljaw was at large on Earth, probably planning to cause more trouble.

  2. Hi i’am big fan i have some questions if you would like to answer.
    1.What happened with Soundvawe in RID 2015 after he got in shadowzone.
    2.Are you heard about projects Transformers Prime Season 5 and Transformers Prime Galvatron’s Revenge movie.
    3.What happened to Bulkhead in RID 2015.
    4.If Bulkhead is live are any other characters live from Prime.

    • 1. He augmented himself with debris and other material he found in the Shadowzone. He was contacted by the Council, who offered to free him if he would eliminate Bumblebee and his team.

      2. No, I haven’t heard about either.

      3. He came to Earth and assisted Bumblebee’s team when they returned to Cybertron to expose and defeat the Council.

      4. I’m sure there are.

  3. Hey, my name is Joshua Hearn and I am a huge transformers fan. I would like to know why Megatron was not in Robots in Disguise(2015). Also, what was the point of mentioning his name throughout the series if he wasn’t attended to be in the show?

    • Hi Joshua – Megatron was never part of the plan for RID. Having left for parts unknown during Prime, it seemed to soon to bring him back. But we mentioned him because we wanted to make it clear he remains an important part of the Transformers universe, and there are characters waiting for him to return and wondering when it will happen. When will it happen? I couldn’t tell you – I’m not involved with the franchise these days. But I’m sure he’ll be back sooner or later in some form.

  4. Hey Mr. Beechen, this is Joshua again. And this is my last question(s). Why do Bumblebee and his teammates follow the same power ranger-esque format, and why there’s no character development. They just do the same thing as trying to capture the Decepticons, bicker among themselves, learn a lesson, and achieve at capturing the Decepticons at the end of the day. I feel like they do the same format in every episode.

    • Well, I disagree with you that there was no character development… Bumblebee learned how to be a leader, Sideswipe learned to trust and count on others, Strongarm learned living by the spirit of a rule, rather than the letter of a rule, and so on.

      I also disagree with you that the show had the same format every episode. Some episodes were two-parters, and we even did a three-parter. Because our show was intended for a younger audience than the series that preceded ours, we didn’t want to be too experimental, and we chose to vary our episodes according to the different personalities of our villains and their plans. Our series was intended to be more light-hearted and less continuity-based than the series that preceded ours, so we focused on our heroes and villains more than in putting together complex plots that ran through entire seasons.

      Capturing the Decepticons was our heroes’ mission… The crash of the Alchemor freed Decepticons to cause chaos around Crown City and elsewhere, and Bumblebee’s team chose to make it their purpose to round them up before they could create too much damage.

      Characters on all manner of shows bicker and learn lessons – That’s how you get character growth and development.

      Sorry you didn’t care for the choices we made. I hope you enjoy the next Transformers series better than the one we produced, and as much as you enjoyed the ones that came before ours.

    • Originally, it was meant to kinda, sorta be a Pittsburgh-like kind of town, so maybe somewhere in the Rust Belt. But as the series went along, and we needed to send the Bots to different terrain (mountains, desert, rivers, etc.), it sort of became a place in America that doesn’t really exist, a place close to all of those kinds of locations.

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