This Is The Place…

You’ve found, your source for what I’ve done, what I’m doing, and what I’m pondering.  Welcome you to my own little, sleepy, one-traffic-light-and-a-post-office pit stop on this giant Web.

For announcements about my latest projects, as well as air dates, publication dates and upcoming appearances, check out What’s New(s)?

Go here for information about HENCH, including how to order your copy.

Curious about my credits? Check out my Comics Credits, Television Credits and Film Credits links above for full, updated lists and get answers to all your questions.

I do love sports and I have lots of thoughts about them.  If you’re interested, stop by The Sports Page.  There, you’ll also find my “Superfan” columns published between 2006 and 2014 on, the official web page for the NBA’s Phoenix Suns.

If you’re pursuing writing professionally and feel you can learn from someone else’s experience; If you’re wondering how I managed to wind up in my little nook of the entertainment industry; Or if you’re just looking for some silly, crazy or amusing stories about one person’s working life in Hollywood, the Career Moves link will take you to an ongoing chronicle my career path, past, present and future.

2 thoughts on “This Is The Place…

  1. Thank You, Mr. Adam Beechen. I just saw the Genre Summit with Shant Yegparian and found it very interesting. I am a New Writer with a New Children’s Series in mind titled “Land of Dreams”, based on a New Idea of Flower Princess that help Children Wise up to this day in age World. Many of my Family and Friends advised me to seek advice on “How would you go about to write a Saturday Morning Kiddie Show with this idea? Any advice welcome. Please reach out with your advice on how I can get started at Once again Thanks!

    • Hi Migdalia – It helps to have an agent, manager or attorney who can help you get your materials to a network or studio that produces such series. It’s hard if you don’t have those connections. So the first thing you should do is seek out someone to represent you. There’s a book published every year called “The Writer’s Market” that lists those agencies, management firms and attorneys, and tells you if and how you can submit your materials to them. Good luck!

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