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95 thoughts on “This Is The Place…

    • Again, our show was never about the storylines from Transformers Prime. Nor was it ever going to be. So you can trust me on this, we did not, at any time, discuss addressing whatever storylines remained from Prime. All of our pre-production efforts were geared toward making exactly the show that aired. There’s no “secret story document” hidden in a drawer anywhere with plans for a series called Robots In Disguise that would have continued the Prime stories, that we decided to throw away and do something else. We never discussed Megatron, where he was, what he was doing, and what his plans were. We didn’t make plans for any season beyond the ones we made. I don’t know what happened to any of the characters from Prime. I’m not holding any information back – There are no hidden storylines we created to address any of that stuff that we didn’t show you. There aren’t notes for any meetings we had about anything to do with Transformer Prime because we didn’t have any meetings to discuss Transformers Prime. There aren’t any hints hidden in the episodes we made. We were making a different show.

  1. Hi I have some questions:

    1) What happened to the autobots that were blacklisted by the council?

    2) Did Airachnid and her Insecticons die from lack of energon?

    3) Seaspray was killed off in Prime however it was mentioned that he was supposed to show up alive in the show. I know their were deceased autobots that showed up blacklisted by the council but this has caused me to wonder. Is he dead or alive?

    • Just so you know, I don’t have some file on my computer or chart on my wall that has all kinds of information that fills in all the gaps you might find in our series. Neither does anyone else. Every bit of information we created, we used in our story. The integral information and details necessary for our viewers to understand and hopefully enjoy our story is there on the screen. There’s no behind-the-scenes extra stuff from the story that we’re saving or hiding. All I know is what we used in the episodes. Anything that isn’t in the episodes would be speculation on my part or anyone else’s and would not be considered canon. There isn’t any more information.

  2. What happened to smokescreen and wheel jack in robots in disguise 2015 after they protest cyclonus and his high council ?

    • Yes, as I have told you before. They are very good friends. They do not feel romantically toward each other and do not have a romantic relationship.

      Please do not ask me any more questions about characters that didn’t appear in our series. I will not answer them.

  3. Hi I have a few questions:

    1) Did Cyclonus and his council kill anyone? If so who?

    2) Why didn’t Bumblebee and Bulkhead visit Raf and Miko during the series?

  4. 1. No.
    2. Because they were too busy having their own adventures.

    Please do not ask me any more questions about characters that didn’t appear in our series. I will not answer them.

  5. Mr Beechen, I’d like to start of by paying my comendation to you, as well as the other writers, artists, VOs, producers, for your dedicated work on RID.

    As a lifelong Transformers fan, I can tell you that this version of the IP has become a family favorite iteration around here.

    I did have one question. It’s noticable the throughout the cartoon that in addition to named human characters who recur throughout Crown City that there’s a whole lot of repeat character models for background shots and extra fare shown driving, in crowds, camping, etc. Are these background and seldom speaking characters supposed to be the same “citizens of Crown City” every time they appear or is each individual appearance of these character model just a “random human” picked from a cache of models that Polygon made.

    I’ve always liked to interpret it as being the same as the citizens of Bikini Bottom in SpongeBob or a lighter version of the citizens of Springfield in The Simpsons, but it’d be great to hear your take on it.

    Thank you!

    • There’s nothing more to it than re-using models for incidental characters as a cost-saving measure. They’re not meant to be the same individual characters over and over again, though it’s kind of fun to think they might be. However, some of the incidental characters, particularly ones that were only seen once or so, bear a suspicious resemblance to members of our crew, including me…

      • Ohh, that’s cool to know!

        One more thing. Fixit’s red eyes that he shows briefly in S3E18 when Sideswipe is joshing him: does this indicate that he can access his “kill mode” from S1E20 and simply chooses not to, or perhaps to hide it for one reason or another (double personality?), and just let down his face for Sideswipe briefly to set him straight? Or was he just real mad?

  6. What happen if bulkhead heard that bumblebee said in s3e1 I remember the time that bulkhead challenged me to arm wrestle, we nearly destroyed two floors of base, what would bulkhead say and do if bumblebee said that in front of him

  7. Hello, big fan. I have some questions
    1. Why wasn’t Undertone with Ratchet during the last few episodes?
    2. How come we only got to see Bumblebee link up with Stuntwing in episode 2 of season 3 one time? And why didn’t Trickout, the red minicon, link up with Strongarm like in her toy?
    3. How come the Autobots didn’t try combining with each other the way Drag Strip and Wildbreak did?
    4. How come Great-Byte, the green minicon toy, didn’t appear at all?
    5. I wish we could have seen Nightstrike and Wingcode’s robot forms and not just their bat forms.
    6. Is there, by any chance, you can someone create proper concept art of all the Decepticons?
    7. I’m a little concerned about some of the choices made in the story. Like how Saberhorn only fought the Autobots one time or how the Stunticons didn’t combine into Menasor that often.
    8. How come Blurr and Blastwave didn’t appear in the last two episodes?

    • 1. I don’t know.
      2. The story didn’t call for it to happen. Our characters don’t always have the same capabilities as the toys.
      3. They hadn’t had much success combining and didn’t want to risk it.
      4. We weren’t required to include all of the toys as characters in our series.
      5. Our stories didn’t call for that to happen.
      6. Probably not. Production on the show has ended, and all of the artists have moved on to other projects.
      7. Saberhorn moved on to other criminal activities elsewhere. Menasor was pretty unstable, and the other Stunticons preferred not to combine into him.
      8. Optimus didn’t put them on his team.

      • At the very least, it would have been nice to see Drag Strip and Wildbreak combine more than once as well as see the Autobots take on Heatmark (Heatseeker and Slashmark).

        How come Steeljaw took Quillfire instead of Fracture?

  8. I also noticed when Steeljaw set that group free in season 2 (Thunderhoof, Clampdown, Bisk, Springload, Quillfire, Groundpounder, and Overload), Quillfire and Springload had no interaction. You think after their temporary team up they’d still have some beef with each other. And why just Thunderhoof and Clampdown at the time?

    Also, Fracture may be independent-minded and smart like you said, but what stopped him from not joining Steeljaw in the first place?

    • 1. They put aside their differences because they bought into Steeljaw’s plans for a Decepticon homeward.
      2. He thought Steeljaw could get him close to Bumblebee and Drift, both of whom he had business with.

      • I noticed whenever a Decepticon came up on the Alchemor’s database, Fixit would read out their crime. But some Decepticons didn’t have this, namely Bisk. What exactly did Bisk do to get on the Alchemor?

        My BIGGEST question is, however, why almost every Decepticon was chosen to have animal qualities. It makes sense if they’re a subdivison species, like Chompazoids, Amphiboids, Skunkticons, Corvicons, Sharkticons, and Buffaloids, but what about cons like Bisk, Ped, Nightstrike, Octopunch, Simacore, Polarclaw, and even Steeljaw?

      • Bisk was banned from gaming competitions after being caught cheating during one of them. He went on a rampage, attacking many gaming competitions and seriously injuring scores of innocents.

        Decepticons were chosen to have animal qualities by Hasbro, which presumably wanted to market toys pairing Transformers with animalistic forms.

        Bisk would be a Lobstercon, Ped a Centipede-o-con, and so on.

  9. When did bulkhead know that optimus was alive and what does bumblebee mean that in s3e1 the decepticons captured one of our team, and used him to gain access to the base and how many years does rid take after prime

    • If you ask me any more questions about Prime or characters from Prime, I’m not going to answer any more of your questions no matter what they’re about. I didn’t work on Prime. I don’t know what happened to characters from Prime that didn’t appear in our series. I don’t have anything to do with Cyberverse, either.

  10. Considering the amount of time that passed from Prime to RID, just how was Soundwave able to stay functioning for so long? Didn’t he have any energon problems? And how did he even get that new form anyway?

    Regarding the Decepticon Flamesnort, just how long was he on Earth anyway? Was he ever a part of the Decepticons from Prime?

    In the episode Defrosted Strongarm namedrops “Rampage”. Considering how Predaking is not a combined form and Divebomb is a minicon, what Rampage was being referenced?

    • The Shadow Zone is a mysterious place. Things happen there that don’t happen the same way here.

      Flamesnort was on Earth for a very long time. We created the character, so I don’t think he had anything to do with Prime.

      Strongarm was mistakenly referring to the Godzilla-like creature from the 1980s video game Rampage.

  11. How come Razorpaw wasn’t listed in the database? Same with Glowstrike, Crustacion, Ragebyte, Boostwing and his brothers Jacknab and Pilfer? Also, considering that neither Fracture or Shadow Raker ever had a spot on the ship, where they really sent to prison?

    Speaking of Shadow Raker, whatever happened to his ship?

    • 1. Who’s to say he wasn’t? Or maybe he wasn’t on the Alchemor to begin with.
      2. Who’s to say they weren’t? Or maybe they weren’t on the Alchemor to begin with.
      3. Yes. They were criminals, after all.
      4. It’s either in the Scrapyard or was taken back to Cybertron.

  12. Remember the episode where Strongarm was attacked by those minicons who look like Fixit? Why did Strongarm want to go on patrol after seeing Fixit? Does she face a form PTSD?

  13. This question has bogged me for quite some time. In Prime, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Optimus, and Ratchet all had weapons built into their bodies, but they don’t show them in RID. Did they have them removed? Why?

      • My “head-cannon” for that one has always been that since Prime took place during the final battles of a long and bitter war but Bumblebee and the Bee Team in RID are operating during peacetime that all Great War veterans underwent disarming for peacetime.

  14. Hi Adam I have a new question. So someone managed to identify and post pictures of every autobot that the black council had black listed yet for some reason Warpath and Hot Shot weren’t on the list. Why is that?

  15. Mr. Beechen,

    There are two instances in RID where an animation model clearly resembling the Decepticon turned Autobot Knock Out from Transformers Prime is shown as a visual Easter Egg.

    Once in S2E9 in the impound lot, and another time as a competitor in the Crown City Grand Prix in S3E10. The vehicle is actually the only “generic” to have the camera linger on it for a bit. It was well established in Prime that Knock Out made a hobby out of participation in human motorsport and his status as a last minute turncoat makes his place in post war Cybertonian society presumptively dubious.

    So is this nothing more than a visual Easter Egg, or is that really Knock Out lying low?

    1. Did you or did you not help Optimus and his team WON ?
    2. WHY Did you and your crew killed only Decepticon in TF PRIME, not any TEAM PRIME ?
    3. Did you made Megatron lost some of his forces including the Insecticon in ep Thirst, to help the Autobot WON ? If you do you ARE CHEATING Mr. Beechen !!!

  17. Mr. Beechen what did you agreed about STEEL JAW ?, what i agreed is to have Bumblebee HEAD serve in a platter for robbing him of his Decepticon ISLAND, what about you ?

  18. Hello Mr Beechen. I wanted to praise you for the great work you did with Robot in Disguise 2015. I just wonder about one thing involving RID2015 shorts: at one point Airazor and Divebomb told Fracture that when it comes to a partnership, the Master proposes but the Minicons accept. I wonder how Fracture got his Minicons, as well as Razorpaw with his. Thanks for the reply.

    • We don’t know the full story on either, but presumably they all met at a time they had shared goals, or the Master had something to offer the Minis and they accepted.

  19. Hello Adam beechen, it’s just me, Jennifer. To be honest , how did bumblebee and his old teammate been in 1980s and can cybertronian age faster like humans or slower than humans ?

  20. Hello Mr Beechen. I wanted to know: beside Drift and his Minicons, are Minicons usually loyal/attached to their Masters? Or is it only a professional relationship?

  21. Hi Mr. Beechen, may i ask you two questions:

    1. Why Grimlock is afraid of kittens in the episode “Even Robots Have Nightmares:

    2. Why Sideswipe has a fear of abandonment in the episode “Exiles”

    Also i wanted to say that i’m sorry that i ask you two Transformers Prime Questions last year because i was unaware about the fact that you didn’t work for Transformers Prime, so this is an “Sorry” message for you…. And also i have watched all of Transformers Titans Return Episodes, it was totally amazing and i can’t wait for the Power of the Primes, i’m so hyped and excited! XD

  22. Hello Adam beechen,
    It’s just me Jennifer and I’m sorry for bothering you. I’m just here to ask you a questions about cybertronians and bumblebee.

    1) how did cybertronians can age faster like humans or slower than humans ?

    2) how did bumblebee been in 1980s at earth ?

  23. Hi mr. Beecham, i have a fee questions if your still answering questions about robots in disguise.

    1. Why didnt we focus atleast a little more in season 3 on Optimus’s team? Honestly, no offense, but it feels like the story in the last two episodes is rushed. cyclonus and his team usurping the high council, free steeljaw, and his pack and a few other things, pulling the strings in season 3, but unfortunately we dont actually see any of this happen, and i feel like having atleast one episode focus on what optimus and his team were doing woulda really helped set up the story better.

    2. I liked how nightra was a criminal but also an autobot and that was really a great idea for an episode, are there other criminal autobots out there? Dialouge between Strongarm and nightra seems to imply there are. By that same logic, is it possible that some decepticons decide to become good and join the police force?

    3. What happened to the real high council?

    4. I know u didnt work on prime, but several episodes made references to events that happened in the previous series, especially episodes featuring returning prime characters like bulkhead and starscream, if u dont know that much about prime, who put all these continuity nods in the show and what did u use as a reference since u obviously needed to know some things about prime in order to make this series in the first place?

    5. Is megatronus dead? I mean hes a prime, and primes have a godlike nature in most transformers lore, so is his fate left up in the air purposely? Like cyclonus, i feel like megatronus’s inclusion was rushed at the end of season 1, and there’s references to another story, almost as if another cartoon set in the same.universe would have explored it and were just building off of something, but theres nothing. So why all the references to stories that go untold? Were some story ideas changed during production?

    6. I was kinda hoping youd have included raf for atleast one episode. I know u get alot of crap for not including this character or that character, but realistically due to his history with bumblebee, it seems a literally odd on bumblebees part that he wouldnt try to reconnect with his old friend raf. Shockwave woulda been nice to include as well for Grimlocks origin (i know u guys wanted to explore his origin but couldnt cuz it didn’t fit in with the tone of the show or something, but honestly i feel like u guys coulda figured something out).

    Random thought: i had this idea that there shouldve been an episode where shockwave comes to earth to try to get grimlock back under his control, and thus the episode who have shockwave turn grimlock against his allies, but bumblebee might speak to him and tell him all hes accomplished or whatever and managed to get grimlock to break free of his conditioning and turn on shockwave (not completely out the window since u guys had cyclonus use mind control as a plot device), then they beat up shockwave and place him in a stasis cell, all in standard RID fashion.

    Ok i admit some of those werent questions but rather comments but i hope u can take the time to answer and comment on the things ive written.

    7. One last thing, as far as these animalistic subspecies of transformers go, all we see is decepticons with these traits, is it possible for their to be autobot amphiboids and buffaloids?

    • 1. It’s undoubtedly a bigger story, but the structure of our series wasn’t to tell long, multi-part stories. We wanted new viewers to be able to jump in almost any time and have a good idea of what was going on. Having a new viewer come in four parts through a five part story would have been very difficult for the viewer. It’s also hard to tell multi-part stories when, after the first airing of a run of episodes, they might not re-air in the same order… which would be really confusing. So we tried to keep our longer stories to two episodes maximum.

      2. I feel like it’s possible.

      3. They’re fine. They were ousted and fell under the mind control of Cyclonus’ group like everyone else.

      4. Our show took place in the same universe as Prime, so of course it made sense to acknowledge that fact once in a while by referencing characters and story elements. RID just wasn’t about the same story as Prime and it wasn’t the same kind of series as Prime. If we didn’t acknowledge previous Transformers series, why bother to make RID a Transformers series at all? And if we were going to pick up all the story elements from Prime, why not just continue the Prime series? Obviously, Prime fans would have liked Hasbro to do that, but Hasbro felt it was time to do something different in the same universe, with a different storytelling style, a different tone, and different and new characters. Nobody likes to see their favorite show end, and I get that. But the decision to end a shows and do something different is made for all kinds of reasons that may have nothing to do with whether or not there are more stories to tell in that particular show.

      5. See the answer to #1. We chose not to tell every part of the larger stories. Maybe someone else will get to explore those moments elsewhere.

      6. It would have been nice to include every character from every Transformers series (including Prime) that’s ever happened, because every character is someone’s favorite. But in our effort to create and get to know a new team of heroes and do something different from Prime, we couldn’t have guest star characters from every series in every episode. We’re sorry you didn’t get to see your favorites. And it would have been nice to tell every story about every moment of every character’s history, but we only had so many episodes. I’m sure you can pick out episodes you wish we hadn’t done in favor of ones you’d have liked to see, but we made our choices and we are what they are. Maybe someone else will tell the stories you feel we didn’t at another time in another series.

      Random answer: It definitely sounds like something we could have done. But we didn’t.

      7. I suppose. Grimlock essentially “changed sides,” so why not an animalistic Decepticon?

  24. Good Morning Mr Beechan,

    I am a big fan myself so it is an honor to be emailing you. My name is Zachary Freeman. I am the art teacher and comic book club facilitator here at the Theresa Palin Residential School in Queens NY. We are a part of the S.C.O. family of programs. The students here are typically diagnosed with developmental delays such as Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as emotional delays and disorders. Unfortunately do to these diagnoses the students do not have homes or their biological families and are a part of the NY State Foster Care System.

    We hold the weekly comic book club where I meet with students who come to the club due to their common interest in all things comic books, cartoons, video games, science fiction and anime. We typically spend a school year voting on characters from things they are passionate about to be included in a mural drawn by the students depicting the characters they voted on.

    The students in the club range from age 13 – 21 chronologically. Developmentally they are mostly in 6th grade. The students in the club are mostly diagnosed with Emotional delays thus they demonstrate social and learning challenges. However, comic books can assist even the most reluctant reader and bring together people of all ages and diagnoses.

    I am reaching out to you today to inquire if you would consider being involved with the Comic Book Club. In the past people and companies have become involved with us by making a donation of books and/ or coming to visit the students, or having the students come visit the location where the talent works.

    The Theresa Paplin School, the Comic Book Club and S.C.O. always look to promote the generosity of people and companies that look to donate to the school via our website and other various social media outlets.

    Thank you so much for your time, have a great day and I hope to speak with you again soon.

    all the best,
    Zachary Freeman
    Art Teacher
    Comic Book Club Facilitator
    Theresa Paplin School

    • Hi Mr. Freeman –

      Thanks for thinking of me and asking me to be a part of your program. Unfortunately, I live on the West Coast, so a visit to your school is probably unlikely. However, I can send you some comic books, if you like. I have some extra copies of my own stuff, and I rarely keep the books I buy each week, packaging them to send to charity. I’d be happy to send you those as well. I would suggest you screen the books before passing them on to your students, as some occasionally contain mature content.

      Please let me know where you’d like the books sent, if this sounds like a good idea to you.


  25. Hello mr beecham i have a few questions regarding rid, I know you must be busy but id be thankful if you could take the time to answer them.

    1. What happened to Nightra? Was she put in a stasis cell and placed on a prison ship like the alchemor? Its been said that the cyclones are nuetral yet were placed on the prison ship so were rogue autobots placed on the alchemor too or do they get their own prison ships?

    2. What happened to Flamesnort? He was obviously disillusioned due to being on an island for thousands of years, i kinda felt bad for him especially since he believed he was doing the right thing, but since bumblebee and his team couldnt help him they just put him on ice. When he was returned to cybertron was he put in jail or did he get sent to some kind of cybertronian mental hospital to get the help he deserves? Are their reformed decepticons?

    3. Do bumblebee and other veteran autobots and decepticons have any ptsd from the great war? (I know you wouldnt show anything like that because its a kids show.)

    4. What happens when the captured decepticons are sent back to cybertron? Why were they sent off world on a prison ship in the first place anyway? Did cyclonus and his council purposefully have decepticons put on prison ships so they could potentially escape and devastate other worlds like earth?

    5. Is megatronus dead or did u leave his fate unclear on purpose to leave viewers interested?

    6. What was glowstrike arrested for? What happened to kickback after steeljaw appeared on decepticons island, was he angry steeljaw followed him?

    7. When steeljaw returned to earth, it by space bridge or space ship? More importantly, did steeljaw have a way to communicate back with cyclonus on cybertron? Id assume they came by ship that went unseen, that would explain how steeljaw told cyclonus about his progress and how after soundwave betrayed him, they musta fought leading to steeljaw defecting and cyclonus sending dropfroge instead.

    8. What happened to optimus’s allies who were blacklisted by the high council? If any of them are still alive, are they in hiding? Was Optimus working with more allies to liberate cybertron than the ones who accompanyed him to earth (jazz, windblade, ratchet, etc.)?

    9. Where did optimus and his team set up base of they didnt go back to cybertron? Cybertrons moon, Luna 1?

    10. Were cyclonus and his team already infiltrating the council before bumblebee left cybertron in ” Pilot, Part 1, or was the old council in control back then? Dialouge suggests cyclonus was already in control but the Cybertronians werent being mind controlled back then so its not clear.

    11. Why did starscream fake his death if he coulda taken over the conucil himself? Just saying, it seems like he was too budy focusing on those minicons rather than figuring out a grander plan. How did he get roughhedge, an autobot, to work for him? He had enough shanix to make him be onboard with the plan or did he, shadelock and razorhorn already work together as team before starscream hired them?

    12. And last but not least (sorry for so many questions), did optimus and his team stay on the moon (or wherever they were based) while they sent toolbox and the minicons back on the alchemor to their doom, or did optimus return with the others and almost get captured by cyclonus and escape, taking jazz along the way, with optimus simply glossing over it with bumblebee as “ive never actually returned to cybertron” because he didnt wanna remember his indecent return there?

    • 1. Nightra was imprisoned and returned to Cybertron. It’s not clear if she was then placed on a prison ship.

      2. Flamesnort was returned to Cybertron in custody. I like to think he’ll get emotional assistance and hopefully be reintegrated into Cybertronian society. I would guess there are reformed Decepticons.

      3. I don’t think Bumblebee suffers from PTSD, but I suppose others might.

      4. I like to think the “prison ship” concept was a function of overcrowding in Cybertronian prisons. Whether or not that policy will be changed in the wake of what happened to the Alchemor remains to be seen. Putting the prisoners on a prison ship was not a strategy of Cyclonus’.

      5. Megatronus is not dead. His whereabouts and activities are not known.

      6. I don’t know the answers to any of these.

      7. It’s not know how Steeljaw returned to Earth, but probably by ship. He did not have a way to communicate with his benefactors – He may not have even known who they were. He went with a mission to accomplish if he wanted to have his freedom.

      8. They’re all still alive, and they’ve returned to Cybertronian society. It’s not known if anyone else was working with Optimus.

      9. They set up their base off-world, but nearby, perhaps a moon.

      10. Cyclonus had already taken over before our series started. That’s why Bee and the others had the jobs they did. The Decepticon council was mind-controlling the bulk of the population, but hadn’t extended it to the entirety of Cybertron, so some Autobots, like Bee hadn’t yet been affected. The Council placed them in positions of low responsibility as a way of demoralizing them while they worked on completing total mind-control.

      11. Starscream felt that possessing the Minicons would give him more power than the Council. I like to think he perhaps sent teams of mercenaries in different directions looking for the Minicons, and the ones who located them are the ones he followed.

      12. No, Optimus hadn’t been back to Cybertron at all. He’d send members of his team who were better suited for stealth missions.

      • Hello Mr.Beechen!
        You mentioned that Megatronus survived…how?he was turned to dust…no one could have survived that blast,not even a Prime…

      • Unless you see the body and someone definitively says, “He’s dead,” characters have a way of surviving apparently fatal injuries – It’s happened throughout Transformers history numerous times. Sometimes even when someone definitively says, “He’s dead,” that doesn’t mean he’s dead. In all likelihood, you haven’t heard the end of Megatronus, although I don’t know of any specific plans for him to appear in the future.

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