Double-Entendres For Robots

This Saturday sees the premiere of the episode of Transformers: Robots In Disguise that set the record for “most snickers in the recording booth.” I can’t recall if I was aware of all of the possible innuendos in the script, but leave it to voice actors to spot all of them… and riff on them… endlessly. Lines from the episode still get brought up when we all get together. That said, it’s a fun episode even without the accidental euphemisms, and includes one of the more bizarre Decepticon team-ups you’re likely to see. ¬†Personally, I think these two ‘Cons should have their own talk show.2015-02-26 15.51.10

2 thoughts on “Double-Entendres For Robots

  1. Just caught up on the season On-Demand and this was def one of the highlights! The ending with Drift shoving his face on Bumblebee’s hand had me laughing in a way I haven’t since my actual childhood. Cheers and keep up the fun work!

    • Thanks, Charlie! So glad you liked it. That’s one of my favorite moments, too. I think it really captures just how differently the two characters approach things – When a bow and a handshake meet in the middle, the result is an inadvertent slap in the face!

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