2 thoughts on “Do The Robot!

  1. Hi Adam,
    My son is loving your TV Series Ninjago and I apologize but, I am unable to find a contact relative to the subject of our inquiry. Not to be too sciency, but in Season 7 Episode 6 3:00, there is a battle where the time blade is used, creates a time bubble for the folks inside and those inside are moving at a slower rate relative to us on the outside of the bubble. This is ok, but unfortunately the folks on the outside speak to those inside the bubble and somehow those in the bubble are able to react in the time relative to those outside the bubble. This is a lost opportunity to explain General Relativity (see Albert Einstein) in my humble opinion and the writers got it all wrong.
    Can someone consult with guys like NDT (Neil Degrasse Tyson) or similar to get important details correct, so opportunities to learn are not lost while our children binge watch your series :)? Just kidding, my kid and I wanted to see how cool it was to be able to write and contact talented folks like yourself. Happy arting!

    • I was all set to say, “I dunno, I only worked on one episode of Ninjago,” and totally pass the buck until you said, “Just kidding.” Phew! Glad you and your son are enjoying the series.

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